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Lending a small amount is possible for many people, not difficult, takes little time and is quickly arranged. A small amount is also called a ‘mini loan’, ‘mini credit’ or ‘flash loan’. These are relatively small loans of usually € 150 to € 1500 for a maximum term of 60 days. The advantage of such a small mini loan is that it can be arranged quickly.

Do you want to know where you can borrow a small amount?

Do you want to know where you can borrow a small amount?

For example, Zaloan is 1 of these mini-loan providers. Zaloan has been the best-known, most reliable and best mini-loan provider at the moment for years. At Zaloan you can borrow a slightly larger amount for a slightly longer term than other providers. Unlike others, with Zaloan you are more likely to get a loan, which is why we recommend Zaloan first. You can request a loan up to and including 1500 euros with a duration of 15, 30 or 60 days (depending on the loan amount). The money is in your account within 10 minutes. In most cases, however, it is not possible to take out a mini-loan if your income is less than € 1000. However, you can always try, the chance that you will get a loan is greater with Zaloan than with others.

You can borrow a small amount through a number of providers, and it is also possible to borrow a small amount with a negative BKR registration. These are the so-called “Mini Loans”. With some it is possible to borrow a small amount up to 750.00 with a maximum duration of 1 month. You can borrow this amount if you earn at least 1200 per month. There are a number of differences in the conditions of the providers. For example, some providers work with an interest that is paid on the amount to be borrowed, others work with service costs.

– Service costs: This is a payment that you pay on the loan amount. If you borrow an amount of 750.00 for a maximum duration of 21 days you pay 0.40 cents service costs. This does mean that the amount must be returned within 21 days to the relevant provider, if this is not the case, additional costs will be charged.

– Interest: This is the interest that you pay on the loan amount. The interest depends on the amount that you want to borrow. For all Mini Loans, the maximum loan amount is 750.00.
Borrow a small amount with or without BKR and without papers?
No problem!

Borrowing a small amount can be arranged quickly online. If you meet the requirements, the money is often in your account within half an hour. The following requirements apply as a condition if you want to borrow a small amount:

  • Not being a self-employed person.
  • Not to be a temporary worker.
  • Not being a student.
  • Minimum income of € 1200

If you do not meet these conditions, you can unfortunately not borrow a small amount. For the providers, these conditions are certain that the loan amount can be repaid at all times, and for the consumer that they do not take out loans that they cannot repay. Previously, the rules were more flexible, but it has often happened that the amount borrowed could not be repaid and that the consumer was in financial trouble. The provider will get the money back at all times. As a consumer, you will be faced with collection agencies if the loan amount is not repaid within the maximum term and the installments are not met. Borrowing money quickly is certainly possible, it does not matter whether you have a BKR registration or not.

Borrow wisely because borrowing money costs money

Borrow wisely because borrowing money costs money

Borrowing money costs money, that is clear. It sometimes happens that something breaks in the house, a repair has to take place or such a personal situation that just as quickly requires a few hundred euros. It is then convenient that there are credit providers who can deposit a small amount into your account in the very short term, usually within half an hour. These Mini Credits are generally amounts up to 750.00. If necessary, you can use this. However, it is important that you always carefully read the terms and conditions of a lender to see if the rules and conditions fit in with your personal situation. It is not the intention of a lender to put you in financial trouble, people do this by hurrying to take out a loan. Afterwards it is discovered that they have not read the conditions correctly and it appears that the interest charged on the loan amount does not fit in the schedule. You can prevent this by always reading the conditions. That way you know in advance where you stand. Borrowing a small amount works out well when you need it, always make sure that you repay the borrowed amount within the agreed term. In this way you avoid unnecessary collection costs and lending is justified in this way.